Monday, August 9, 2010

Robert Birch

Robert Birch, M.A. travels throughout North America leading high quality trainings and retreat programs that invite participants to take healthier, more imaginative risks in their lives and organizations.

Robert earned his M.A. from the University of Victoria (Applied Theatre) researching how theatre and non-denominational ritual promotes personal and social health and well-being; He is also a graduate of the International School of Playback Theatre in New York. During a rigourous eight-year apprenticeship in group process he developed the necessary skills and tools to facilitate transformative programs that are informative, safe and highly effective.

Whether as a speaker, social educator, artist or activist Robert continues to design and deliver award winning,cultural-enhancement projects for groups and communities ready for change and growth. As a professional mentor or counsellor, Robert lovingly guides individual clients to evolve through self-limiting beliefs and chronic social patterns, inspiring people to step more intimately and more authentically into the adventures of their life.

Some organizations Robert has recently worked with include:

* Canada World Youth (

* One United Resource Eco-Village (

* Inner Vision Outer Quest (

* Saltspring Women Opposed to Violence and Abuse (

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Men's Work

Three Programs for Men

1. Sustainable Masculinity

Come to the fire

  • Break away from self-limiting male stereotypes
  • Are your ‘buds’ also your friends?
  • Un-cork your anger: claim your passion and purpose
  • De-stress from your stories about $ and Sex
  • Forget the gender war: get and give the relationship you want
  • Become the father you always wanted

This highly successful weekend program changes men’s lives. Bottom line? Women and close partners want men not boys. In a fun, interactive and edge-walking weekend learn to improve your communication skills, your intimate, family and work relationships and your appetite for life. Guys, get clear, get focused and get your game back in shape.

‘Man-up’ to the life you want

Invest in your masculinity. No one else will. Space limited to 14 men. Cost: $325/weekend.

For more information contact (250) 653-0036 or email:

2. Green Men

Initiate through the cycle of the four sacred masculine archetypes

King, Lover, Warrior, Magician

Step into the fire

· Claim your personal authority: re-define and refine power

· Beyond celibacy or porn: living the erotic life

· Re-forge the broken sword: work for your life’s purpose

· Magic: mastering the male mysteries

This advanced weekend training is designed for men who are already on a path of personal and collective accountability. If you believe your life is in service to something more than just yourself, step into the fire, this weekend is for you.

Invest in your passion and purpose. Space limited to 12 men. Cost: $395.

For more information contact: (250) 653-0036 or email:

Rites of Passage Programs with Robert Birch and Friends

3. Initiation Weeks for Men 2011

Become the fire

· Dive deep into the clear waters of Maui in February

· Disappear into the mysterious beauty of Bali in March

· Sweat it out on the desert walls of the Grand Canyon in July

· Get rugged on the wild West Coast Trail of British Columbia in October

Choose from four exciting Rites of Passage Program Adventures where men become the men they were born to be. Now is the time, your time to make it happen!

As a man, initiate yourself into the life you only ever dreamed of living. Cut the cord from what has pinned you down. Jump, free fall and fly into your soul’s calling. Train for one amazing life- defining week in martial arts, yoga, and adventure living in a community of men. On behalf of your life, your family and communities, light the way, become the fire of inspiration the world needs.

Cost: $2495 + transportation. For more information contact (250) 653-0036 or email:

Dates to be announced by November, 2010.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Professional Mentorship

Where does your joy meet the needs of the world?

Rites of Passage Programs with Robert Birch both support and challenge you to thrive in your calling.

Whether at the kitchen table, in the board room or within your community, you choose to feel alive in who you are, what you think and do. Filled with a clear vision and purpose you seek the courage and reassurance that the creative risks you take are worth your time and energy.

Robert's gifts as a professional mentor guide you to become your own authority.

To succeed:

* Define your personal and professional edges, 'run to the roar' -not from it

* Cultivate a practice deeply rooted in who you are rather than what is expected of you

* Know who and what you serve

* For lasting power, feel nourished by what you value and what you offer

The Gift of Mentorship

Traditionally, when someone is recognized as having a gift they receive the mentor they need.

As a youth prodigy, Robert embarked on his first award-winning company at age fifteen. He credits much of his success to having been mentored for close to three decades by exceptional men and women. As a result, he knows the value and strategy of high quality guidance born of a deep commitment to service.

Robert began his career as a trainer and theatre director, teaching in Universities and other professional settings by age 17. Now, a world-class facilitator, educator, private counsellor and professional mentor, Robert brings over 25 years of expertise to help you successfully step into new roles and move through new thresholds with authenticity, integrity and wise-leadership.

From strength-based models learn to:

* Make resistance and conflict part of your game plan for success

* Define your own (and other's) creative working method and style

* Integrate personal dreams, professional goals w/organizational or community aspirations

* Nourish yourself and others as you face the necessary and life-defining challenges ahead

Crisis + Adaptability = Resiliency

Our world pivots on the axiom,
‘Change or be changed’. As the global culture evolves rapidly, some say recklessly, resiliency is the key to success.

A rite of passage is a carefully crafted series of events for individuals and organizations like you, soulful adventurers ready to more passionately answer your vocatio, your life's calling. Whatever resists you, you are ready and willing to cultivate a practice of resiliency, a practice forged in the fires of awareness. You are committed to your success and to serving the success of your partners.

For a Professional Mentorship Package contact

Counseling with Robert Birch

What can you expect?

* A safe, confidential and caring space

* Respect

* Guidance that gently helps you discover your own authentic answers: you are your own expert

* Reflection that helps reveal the cause and effect of your present circumstances

* Simple, specific and effective communication tools

* Significant improvement in your relationships, overall health, creativity and sense of well-being

* Clients report immediate and increasing levels relief, energy, insight and inspiration

Robert works with people on a wide variety of concerns including:

Personal relationships

Family issues

Health challenges



Men's issues

Times of change are hard. They require high levels of support and self care.

Challenging times, whether born of excitement or crisis, confront deeper need for change and growth.

We naturally resist change. Just prior to a new life chapter, circumstances can be painful to navigate.

With loving support this can also be a healing time, even a creative period of renewal and regeneration.

Before authentic change can occur however, you may first need to connect more fully to who you are, what you feel and what you authentically need and desire before expanding into your next life story more effectively.

Counselling supports individuals and couples to navigate these changes with care, reassurance and awareness. As you step more fully into the life you desire receive the support you deserve.

Learning to ask for help is often the first step…

How it works...

You will initially meet Robert for twenty minutes by phone or in person, free of charge, to determine if this counselling relationship is a good fit for you. In order to get the most out of your counselling experience you are encouraged to commit to eight to ten sessions. (Shorter term counselling is available upon request).

During our time together you will receive and gently practice the skills and tools needed to make the changes you require. With your self-discovering insights you will find the motivation you need to succeed.

Each session is on a sliding scale of $85-120 + HST.

Robert Birch, M.A. is a nurturing, deeply empathic counselor, a respected social educator, and a gifted group facilitator. He has over twenty five years of professional experience in helping people live more satisfying, soulful lives.

Using a unique variety of gentle techniques including archetypal psychology, muscle testing, and other creative and expressive modalities Robert greatly assists clients to identify the specific mental, emotional, physical and, at times, generational blocks that can impact health, personal and/or professional relationships that often deplete the motivation for constructive change.

He is highly skilled at guiding people to break past, unhealthy agreements within themselves, transform painful experiences into personal wisdom and ultimately forge ahead into new, health-inducing, creative initiatives.

Robert also offers phone sessions that fit your busy schedule.

For more information and to book a session call: (250) 653-0036 or email: